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Service By Small Business, For Small Business. Deal Directly With Owner! Lonn Dugan Is The Toledo Web Wizard at Bigmark Digital

I am a Lifelong Businessman and Marketing Man - Formally Educated & Experienced in Many Industries as a CEO, Industry Pioneer, Serial Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Growth Hacker, Webmaster, and Digital Media  / SEO Wizard.  I bring measurable results.  Let's Talk Soon! Request a Free Consult! 


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Custom Design

The digital dance during which prospects become customers requires both art and science in creating and executing strategies that work. Form is Function.  First we ask what do we want this to accomplish

How I Help

Potential roles include Marketing Consultant, Project Manager, WordPress Web Developer, Web Designer, Content Strategist, Copy Writer, Graphic Artist, Video Producer, SEO Manager, Lead Generation Manager, or Visitor Conversion Manager.

I Produce Results Most ‘Designers’ Can’t!

Most “Designers” don’t understand the deeper business process of gaining and keeping customers the way I do.

I Am More Affordable Than Any Agency!

Most Agencies Charge More and Take Weeks or Months to Launch.  I Can Get You Online As Fast As 24 Hours!

What I Do

Analytical and Strategic Digital / Online / Traditional Marketing Leader is passionate about delivering measurable results to attain or maintain category leadership.  I can help you develop or clarify your Visual Identity, Image, Brand, Collateral Design & Value Proposition.  I specialize in SEO and Local Search Marketing, Keyword Selection, Google Rank Tracking and Rank Improvement, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Content Strategies, Sales Stories, Multimedia Production, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and all aspects of Marketing.


I am a Solid, Experienced, Analytical and Strategic Digital / Online / Traditional Marketing Leader

I Have a Master’s Degree With A Concentration in Marketing Communications, and a Passion for Helping Other Small Business Owners Succeed!  I have worked in Manufacturing, Professional Service, Sales, and Non Profit Sectors.

I have Over 25 Years Business Experience: I have been an industry Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker and Digital Media Marketing Manager for Local and Global Companies. Client Reviews Say It For Me.  I often hear things like “Damn You’re Good” and “Wow That Was Fast”!

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Skills & Experience

Over 25 years of business experience increasing sales, website traffic, lead generation, search rank.

Client Reviews

Client reviews say it all.  Here is one:  "Lonn is one of the brightest people I know, he is well organized and results driven. He can master highly complex technical projects that require skills from multiple disciplines. In addition, he has outstanding communication skills. He worked on some very large projects for me, and was able to deliver outstanding results well under budget." Steve Piller, V.P. Buckeye CableSysten.  Read more reviews Here and on LinkedIn

Passionate About Measurable Results!

Service By Small Business For Small Business.
BBB Accredited A+ Rating as
BIG Marketing Solutions LLC. (dba BIGMARK Digital Marketing).

Dun & Bradstreet Verified. Veteran Owned.  Army Strong.  Better Business Bureau Rated A+!


A Few More Thoughts:

Who is Your Who? What Is Your Market Niche?

Brick and mortar businesses may have a local market and need more traffic at a physical location.  I can help you with that!  On the other hand, if you don't have to rely on brick and mortar, the world is your market.  Still, there have to be niches as a small business cannot be all things to all people... My niche is Results powered by Integrated Marketing Communication Theory and Experience!  I offer experienced top to bottom, end to end, strategic planning, design, creation, and execution of market image, value proposition, and visual and print messaging to accomplish lead generation and sales via multiple channels at once.

Common Mistakes By Small Business Websites

A common mistake marketers make is to be very product centric. It's only natural if they are passionate about their products.  BUT, In today's Digital Marketing and Social Media world, it is important to be more person centric. I would like to help you unify the various ways of communicating, with words, still images, and video, so that all efforts say the same thing in different ways. The goal would be to make the entire value proposition and messaging be more person centric even before somebody decides to click a button or watch a video.

Why Am I Am Right For You?  I Can Show You Previous Marketing Programs That Produced Results!

I believe my marketing expertise runs deeper than anybody else you can hire to help you grow unless you pay 2x or 3x my price.  I am a top to bottom marathon runner, and a sprinter when needed. I will tell you the truth and help you grow by building something valuable, designed to win, from the ground up.

For instance, Image, Messaging, and Value Proposition may all need some help before you start advertising on social media or anywhere.  Consider, if the only indication of what your company does, above the fold, is about products.  In the end, people pictures are more engaging than product images, and happy people wearing, holding, or using the product are even better! But the pictures have to fit the words. This consultative analysis and suggestion is a small example of how I do MORE than Content Marketing.

The Secret Sauce: Integrated Marketing Communication!

Other providers may just want to jump in doing what THEY do.  Maybe they suggest SEO work, or Google ads, or facebook ads, or maybe they want to focus on Instagram content.  But will the ads bring sales? They will if they follow the age old formula for marketing and advertising, which is “AIDA” or Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

If you get ATTENTION one way, and then show something not related or not expected after they click, then it’s hard to retain INTEREST. They just click off to find something that LOOKS more like it might have what they want.

After you manage Attention and Interest, then you need DESIRE. Fanning the flames of desire is all about romancing the product and purchase experience. If you offer GREAT service, Free Samples, and Outstanding Quality, but don’t say so, then how will a visitor know? Desire is emotional, not rational.  The ad has to fan the desire, making a prospect say in their mind and heart, instantly, "I WANT."  Then, once they click, they need to SEE what they WANT.  They need to say to themselves as soon as they hit your landing page, "THAT’S IT!  YES.  SHOW ME MORE!  CAN I BUY?  HOW"?  A suitable call to action will close the deal.

BUT FIRST, Before All That:

You need an appealing brand image… Then you need a message and value proposition that work with the image to promise satisfactory outcome.  Then you need eyeballs on an offer that gives prospects a reason to respond NOW. I can help you with all of this as part of an integrated marketing communication strategy that is included with every project where I am retained.  Let's make sales... GROW... Together!